1961 2DR Sedan Glencoe MN

Last Updated: 1/15/16

Key Car Features:

Model Year: 1961
Odometer: Not Listed
Body Style: 2 Door Sedan
Engine: 289ci V8
Transmission: Auto

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Minnesota
State/Region: Kentucky
Asking Price: $2,500
Contact: (320) 510-0490

1961 Ford Falcon Futura two door with 289ci V8 that replaced the 144ci straight six. The engine runs, but needs transmission linkage or cable to drive. C4 transmission in front of 8.5″ rearend. Not positive about rearend, but know its not the stock one. Upgraded to front disc brake, with dual chamber master. Have the parts to hook them up, but the shed it’s stored in has cement but no heat, so the project has halted. Original driver door is in bad shape, have a donor door on it now, trying to find a way to swap trim from one to the other. This car has been stored since mid ’70’s in sheds. No rust, just some dents.



1961 Glencoe MN


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